Hello! I’m Amanda Arroyo and I am currently working on getting my Nutrition and Wellness Consultant Certification from AFPA. I have, and had, many food allergies and sensitivities. I am whole food plant based, and my family is not. Meal prep and planning for our family was difficult at first, so I want to be able to help families with differing diet – whatever the difference may be. Once I have the certification I will be offering meal plan services, and one-on-one consultations.

My Approach


Nutrition is something I’m passionate about, but I know it’s not something everyone gets excited about learning. I do believe that nutrition is important for everyone to have a basic understanding. I want to be able to make healthy eating as simple as possible. Being able to help people gain a healthy relationship with food is something that makes me happy. I want to be able to continue to do so in general but also one-on-one.


Being a kid with many food allergies, I learned that not all food is the same. I also learned that you can get the nutrients you need and enjoy what you are eating even if you feel like you have restrictions. I understand that everyone’s system can react differently when it comes to your own body and digestive system, along with the frustrations of food and health.

I believe the best care is individualized. People now have different allergies, different sensitivities, and different goals, and getting enough nutrients can seem difficult and overwhelming. Although we all need the same nutrients, there is a variety of ways to get them, and a variety of ways that can be healthy.

So which way is best for you? I want to be able to help you find out. The Certification can not come fast enough!

Nutrient Dense and Whole Foods

I do believe that whatever you are eating, or not, eating meals throughout the day that are full of nutrient dense foods and as unprocessed as it can be is the way to go. You want to be able to fuel your body with the nutrients it needs to continue to work properly and to preform the best it can. That way you can feel the best that you can.

Differing Diets

I want to specifically be able to cater to families that have differing diets. With my family needing to find separate recipes and meals that I could have along with the family was a headache at first. But, I am very grateful to have parents that were dedicated and talented to be able to find a balance and be able to feed our family healthy meals, no matter the restrictions. It’s a lot of research and a lot to learn.

I want to take part of the headache that comes with educating and feeding your family’s needs away by offering individual meal plans for different family needs. Everyone individually, and as a family has their own specific beat when it comes to their meals, and I want to help make sure no matter what the meal is, it’s nutritious.

My Recipes

I am plant-based, and the rest of my family is not. My main allergies I have that I need to stay away from on a normal basis is dairy, corn, and soy. I created my first blog, The Shared Skillet, to reflect my “shared” recipes with my family. Since creating this blog, I will not be posting on The Shared Skillet. I will post the healthy recipes from that blog and new ones to come. My recipes will always have a plant-based version, and when appropriate, will also have a meat & dairy version to reflect the nutritious meals I make for everyone at the table. Most will have a dairy, corn, and/or soy free version, but also suggestions for other diets.

You can visit My Story page to read about my relationship with food, my food allergies, why nutrition has always been of interest to me, and why I’ve chosen to continue my plant-based lifestyle.

Thanks for stopping by! Follow me for nutrition and wellness posts, as well as healthy recipes no matter the “beet“.